Intergenerational solidarity for young people and seniors in Europe
Meeting someone from another country and generation?
Living a multicultural and intergenerational experience can bring so much, here is how we can help:

WeShareWeCare connects you with associations organising activities where you can meet local seniors and international students and also connect seniors offering homesharing opportunities with international students looking for a unique experience during their mobility.

If you are an association looking to expand your activity, whether it is toward the intercultural or the intergenerational field, we have tools to help you!

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Intergenerational Project
The initiative behind our project

Age, language, culture, and lifestyle are factors that can separate people at first glance. In the WeShareWeCare project, we think otherwise: seniors and international students have a lot in common. They can benefit from getting to know each other while sharing their experiences.

Bringing generations and cultures together is the goal of a European group of structures: the CNAV (France), Cohabilis (France), 1Toit2Ages (Belgium), Solidarios (Spain), EUF (Luxembourg), and ESN France.

Taking advantage of a pilot two-years phase (the Toit+Moi project) of this intergenerational and intercultural initiative, they built WeShareWeCare to connect seniors and international students through activities and home sharing in Europe.

WeShareWeCare first webinar, it was on 05/02/2021!
The WeShareWeCare consortium had its first European project webinar, on February 5th, 2021 !

The partners have presented the project and its tools to 65+ participants, and were able to discuss with them about their research’s results, the platform they are developing and best practices when it comes to advocacy.

The institutions that attended the event were coming from all over Europe, representing Higher Education Institutions, intergenerational associations, intercultural associations, bringing their experience and point of view to help the project's development.

To obtain more information about the event, you can write to contact@wesharewecare.eu

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