Terms of service (hereinafter referred to as the ”Platform”, is a website that has been set up by ESN France, as part of the WeShareWeCare project, a European initiative founded by the European Commission, which ESN France coordinates. The Platform is a way to match seniors living in Europe who have a free bedroom in their home with young Erasmus+ scholars who a retemporarily in the country as part of that program.

These terms of service (hereinafter referred to as ToS) have been drawn up in order to lay out how the «Platform”, at is to be used. When you sign up, you agree to follow all of these rules as well as any updated versions, of which you will receive advance email notification.

This Platform is designed to bring European youth and seniors together and form a relationship based on mutual support and sharing experiences. Both parties will need to be receptive, draw on their human qualities, and show an attitude that facilitates the goals of living and standing together with a member of another generation. The Platform is being progressively rolled out in all European regions and countries that are interested in the program.


The terms that appear with a capital letter in these Terms of Service and on the Platform are defined as follows:

  • «User» refers either to the Host, the Boarder, or the mediating organization.
  • «Host» refers to any physical person with full legal capacity. The host is a senior whose mental and physical condition allows him/her to independently carry out his/her daily living activities.

The host has a free bedroom in his/her home.

  • «Boarder» refers to any adult physical person who has been awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship. The boarder must be able to provide for his/her own personal needs.
  • «Profile» refers to the information or data that can be viewed online by Users who have registered to use the platform. These include identity information, address, etc.
  • «Mediating organization» refers to the non-profit or social and solidarity-based legal entity (membership organization, community center, cooperative community-oriented organization, etc.) that acts as a mediator between the Host and the Boarder. The Mediating organization sends someone to the Host’s home to confirm his/her registration. It also checks the student’s profile and contacts him/her before he/she arrives. It approves the student-senior pair before the student arrives. It is available to serve as a mediator for as long as the pair is living together.

The mediating organization also manages the content on the Platform pages that refer to it.

  • «Accommodation» refers to the independent bedroom and the common areas that the Host is making available in his/her principal residence and that are fit for habitation.
  • «Contribution to expenses» (if any): amount paid to the Host by the Boarder as a contribution toward utility bills (water, electricity, etc.). It does not constitute rent.
  • «Boarding agreement»: a contract setting forth the rules the Host and the Boarder agree to follow while living together. Any updates to these ToS do not apply to current Boarding agreements. «Platform”, refers to the matching service produced by the WeShareWeCare project, whatever the means of access used (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.)

Using the platform

A) The User registers and then completes his/her Profile:

A.1) For the Host The Host registers on the Platform and enters all of the information that is required to complete his/her profile. The Host selects a Mediating organization that will provide support throughout the program. The Host draws up a description of his/her Accommodation and specifies any Contribution to expenses. When a Host signs up for the first time, the Mediating organization contacts him/her, sends someone out to his/her home, and then approves his/her Profile and the description of the Accommodation. If needed, the Mediating organization can advise the Host on drafting his/her profile and the Accommodation as well as on the amount of any Contribution to expenses.

A.2) For the Boarder Boarders can access the profiles of Hosts living near their temporary geographical area (for work or studies). In order to contact the Hosts, the Boarder must create an account, complete his/her own Profile and upload all required documentation.

B. Matching The Boarder can contact one or more Hosts for the purpose of occupying his/her Accommodation. This is the matching phase. The Boarder and the Host can then communicate directly by way of the Platform. These communication areas are moderated or sometimes facilitated by the mediating organizations.

Throughout the entire Platform, any descriptions or statements posted to further political, religious, or sectarian aims or for professional or commercial purposes (advertising, soliciting, or prostitution) will be deleted without prior notice. The matching phase also requires politeness, and this means not writing in all capital letters. Users must not post messages with content unrelated to the purposes of the Platform. Any statements that are racist, defamatory, vulgar, insulting, aggressive, or violent in nature are forbidden.

C) Signing the Boarding agreement: The Host is the only person authorized to accept housing applications submitted by Boarders. When the Host and the Boarder have agreed on such terms as the length of the boarder’s stay and any Contribution to expenses, they shall confirm the terms of their housing agreement through the Platform.

Agreements with regard to the Platform

As the Platform’s publisher, ESN France agrees:

  • To provide the User with a Platform that provides matching services as described above,
  • To provide the service free of charge,
  • To collect, store, process, and host all data and/or contributions in a loyal manner that is in line with the purposes declared on ESN France’s processing register and ensure that they can be freely consulted upon request;
  • To take any necessary measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information provided by the user, including preventing it from being misrepresented, damaged, or used by unauthorized third parties;
  • Never to sell the information and documents gathered through the use of the Platform for any reason whatsoever;
  • ESN France reserves the right to delete any WeShareWeCare account that is being used in violation of these ToS without any notice or compensation whatsoever. Platform downtime does not result in entitlement to compensation.

The User’s agreements The User acknowledges having read these ToS and agrees:

  • To accept the Housing agreement (that can be accessed at the following address),
  • To accept any future changes to these ToS of which s/he has received advanced email notification;
  • To create a personal, confidential login and password. The password must be at least 6 characters long and include at least one number or a special characters;
  • To keep his/her login and password secret and not give them to third parties;
  • To immediately notify ESN France of any unauthorized use of his/her account or information. ESN France cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the unauthorized use of an account;
  • To provide current and accurate information, in particular with regard to his/her profile, personal circumstances and accommodation. It should be noted that any individual making a false declaration either for him/herself or for a third party is liable to the penalties provided for by article 441-1 of the French Penal Code, including up to three years of imprisonment and a 45,000 euro fine.

Users can report any description, information, or comments that violate the ToS. ESN France reserves the right to delete and moderate any Profile, Accommodation, or comment that is in violation of these rules.


This agreement remains valid for as long as the Platform is in use. The user can deactivate his/her profile at any time and for any reason through his/her platform dashboard.