Cookies Policy

Use of cookies

When you log in to the platform, cookies are stored on your computer, mobile device, or tablet. The service uses these cookies to do the following:

  • Display a banner on your first visit indicating the use of cookies and allowing you to accept or reject them;
  • Gather traffic statistics,
  • Improve the user experience,
  • Gather traffic and site use statistics.

Throughout the experimentation period, the audience measurement tool Google Analytics will be used on the site in order to gather visitors’ browsing information and improve use. Google Analytics’ terms of use do not allow any personal information to be shared with Google.

You can deactivate tracking at any time by clicking here or by using the complementary module that allows deactivation (compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera).

Important information

  1. The data collected are not matched up against any other information in the system;
  2. The cookie that is stored on your computer is only used to produce anonymous statistics;
  3. The cookie does not track the visitor’s use of other sites.

Google Maps

Certain parts of the Platform use Google Maps/ Google Earth mapping services, including Google Maps APIs. The use of Google Maps/ Earth is subject to Google Maps/ Earth’s additional terms of service and to Google’s confidentiality policy.

Security is protected by an electronic certificate, which most browsers indicate by displaying a padlock symbol. This protection both helps to ensure that communications are confidential and allows users to check the site’s authenticity.

The services associated with the platform will never send emails to ask users to enter their personal information, particularly their password, over which users have exclusive control.