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You would like to spend some quality time with someone from another culture ?

You can learn so much from another person, especially if they come from another country and a different generation. However, you might feel a bit shy when approaching someone that is very different, and we are here to help.

WeShareWeCare regroups intergenerational and intercultural activities organised by associations that support seniors and international young people daily. They offer a wide range of activities, such a walks, diners, crafts workshops, languages coffees, etc

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Share a home
You feel ready to share a living space with someone from another culture ?

You can learn so much from another person, especially if they come from another country and a different generation. Living together within an international and intergenerational home could be an excellent experience, whether you are an international student coming to a new country or a senior looking for some energy within your house.

Young people living abroad often feel lonely and need help understanding their new surroundings and local culture, while learning a new language too. Also, most of them look for a budget-friendly housing solution. On their side, local seniors would enjoy some company at home, and would like to share their experience and help the international student settle in this new environment.

On the platform, as a senior, you can offer and present your home to welcome an international student, and as an international student, you can look for a shared housing opportunity. However, you might feel a bit shy when organising this new experience, and we are here to help with every step of the process.

WeShareWeCare associations that support seniors and international students daily in their shared housing experience. They can help you ensure that you will be living with someone that you can spend quality moments with, and connect you with other seniors and international students going on the same journey.

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Share activities
Organise intergenerational and intercultural activities !

You are an association and you work with seniors or with international young people ? You support them and organise activities that help them meet new generations and cultures or you would like to start ?

WeShareWeCare and its network of seniors and international youth associations would love to welcome you in their community, where you can organise and share your own intercultural and intergenerational events, or learn how to start doing so, through connecting with other associations in your field and accessing pedagogical tools that the project is developing.

Support the shared housing pairs !
Make sure the homesharing pairs are having the best time !

Seniors are welcoming a young person from another country into their homes, to have someone to share their daily activities with, remain active and autonomous, while benefiting from a complementary modest financial resource.

International young people need someone that has the time and experience to help them navigate through this new welcome country and language, have someone to spend time outside their studies or work, while benefiting from a budget-friendly housing solution.

Both will be living an intergenerational and intercultural experience, and are committing to be open-minded and trustful to their new roommate, and you can help them through this process !

From checking the profiles on the platform to paying a visit to the newly formed pairs, having you onboard to support these shared housing experiences will be very helpful for the seniors and the young people, while connecting you with a wider public for your activities and events.

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